The Accelerator Process (Oops I Left It Too Late!)



Try our Wine Kitz exclusive Accelerator Pack with your next wine. This product works wonderfully with our light and medium-bodied wines.

Our Accelerator Pack speeds up the fermentation process by including natural nutrients such as trace vitamins, minerals and other co-factors, which can be lacking in grape juice, to provide the yeast cells with the perfect fermentation environment.
Group of People Enjoying Wine

With the Wine Kitz Accelerator Pack delicious wine can be ready in time for weddings, reunions, unexpected company or get-togethers. Instead of waiting four to six weeks, we can have your wine ready for bottling in as little as two weeks*.

Wine Kitz Accelerator Packs cost $8.99 and are sufficient for one 23 litre batch of wine.

*Home vintners using the Wine Kitz Accelerator Pack can process their wines in 7 days or less under ideal conditions.

Wine Kitz has been satisfying customers
for over 55 years.

We’d like you to be one of them.


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