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Limited Release wines from Cheeky Monkey

 Cabern-EH BottleCabern-EH

This British Columbia Cabernet Sauvignon scores a hat trick with bold dark fruit aromas and flavours of black cherry, blackberry, and blackcurrant. Layered with toasty oak, assertive tannins, and a zesty finish like a flavour slapshot right to your palate, this isn’t a wine for the lighthearted hoser. Full-bodied and burly but with undeniable finesse, our Cabern-EH will have you tipping your toque with respect to BC reds.

Chardonn-EH BottleChardonn-EH

Chardonn-EH is the perfect summer sipper for enjoying those long cottage weekends kicking back in your Muskoka chair – as refreshing as a dip in Lake Superior, but won’t leave you shivering for days. Made with Ontario Chardonnay Musqué, a natural fruit-forward mutation of the famous white wine grape, this unique off-dry limited release is a cannonball of peach, apple, and tropical fruit aromas followed by a gentle splash of lush stone fruit flavours. A wine so perfect for Canadian summers that you’ll gladly sacrifice yourself to the mosquitoes to sip some Chardonn-EH in the sun.


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